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Webb Cupboard Creations has a factory with state of the art equipment which enables us to produce carcasses of a very high degree of accuracy. A kitchen unit can only be attractive if it is accurately cut, edged, drilled and assembled. Webb Cupboard Creations offers a cutting, drilling & edging service which matches the very best. For those who require ready to assemble carcasses with “knock down fittings” and groove fitted hardboard backings complete with hinge and shelf holes your solution lies with us.

Only the highest quality fittings and materials are used, including brand name hinges that ensure maximum strength and are machine installed for absolute precision. Finishes used include melamine, granite and other upmarket finishes to suit the taste of the customer. Webb Cupboard Creations only uses 1 mm High Impact Edging that do not peel off and Metabox drawer runners with 16 mm base for ease of operation, to ensure that there is no wracking and that the base does not bulge and scrape against the bottom drawer.

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Planning your DIY cupboards.

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Step 1

Measure all walls, windows, doors, arch ways and serving hatches. Remember to measure the ceiling height from floor to ceiling.

Step 2

Decide where you want your sink, stove and appliances. Use this when planning your kitchen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzeZqt0dEik.

Step 3

Now you can calculate how much space you have left for your floor units, remember to add units like drawers, pull out bins, grocery units etc. Remember to plan for a space where family meals can be shared.

Step 4

Now place your wall mounted units, remember to be cautious when placing wall units above areas where there will be steam and heat. Also decide if you want your fridge boxed in or standing freely. Scotia’s and Light shields can be added to these wall units.

Step 5

All our units come in standard sizes from 150mm wide up to 1200mm wide in increments of 50mm. We can manufacture any nonstandard size cupboard. Remember to leave space for filler pieces against walls as these are usually not straight. You can add filler pieces between units to fill odd size gaps. Note that all our units can be made in any size though we only specify 3 standard sizes on our price list.

Final step

Remember the carcasses are made from white Melamine so if you decide to have a colour door the exposed panels and open units will have to be the same colour. Now decide what you will be using as a plinth, our floor units come with plastic adjustable plinth legs which have clips for either a wooden plinth or a plastic aluminium plinth. The wooden plinth can always be tiled. We also have chrome adjustable plinth legs where no plinth is required and you can clean freely under your floor units.

Front view of design.

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