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Assemble your DIY kitchen with our range of ready to assemble cupboard units:
1. Base units
2. Wall units
3. Extended wall units
4. Grocery units

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    Many people that have endeavoured to attempt a DIY project in the Vaal Triangle , therefore aiming to “get the job done” at a fraction of the cost and at the same time get their creative juices flowing. But many standard hardware stores just do not have the knowledge and know-how to be able to assist these people with all their DIY needs. Webb Cupboard Creations though is proud to be fully stocked DIY kitchen product suppliers including the most popular items, kitchen cupboards.

    During our years of assistance and experience, we have been asked many questions regarding all types of DIY kitchen product suppliers and it was only through our high level of knowledge and constant striving for customer satisfaction that we could assist these people with their queries. Below we will share some of the queries with you in the hope that you will find the answers to your questions as well.

    • Q: With our house being about 40 years old, we would like to give the kitchen a facelift, but wouldn’t want to replace the kitchen cupboards as they are made from solid dark wood. How could i re-do the cabinets without having to replace them?
      A: One of the less expensive ways to go about it will be to re-face the cabinets which will be the process of applying a wood veneer to the cupboards to give them a whole new look. This will be especially good if you want to change the colour of the cabinets to a lighter colour. Alternatively you could just sand the cabinets off and cover with a layer of varnish for a new look.
    • Q: Will this be easy enough for me to do myself?
      A: If you have a high level of knowledge on DIY kitchen cupboards, you will be able to do it yourself, alternatively you could ask for the assistance of any Webb Cupboard Creations branch in your area. We are one of the biggest DIY kitchen cupboard suppliers in the Vaal Triangle and have the expertise to match.

    Steps Involved to re-do your kitchen cupboards:

    • You would firstly have to wash down the cupboards with a product called Tri-Sodium Phosphate which will remove any grease and dirt.
    • Kitchen cupboards need to be removed including all screws and hinges.
    • All other areas like the floor and appliances should then be covered to prevent damage.
    • Sand down and prime your DIY kitchen cupboards with either a wood stain or a primer with a colour of your choice.
    • You would then need to protect your kitchen cupboards with a layer of enamel. This will give it resistance against water and grime.
    If you have any further queries call Webb Cupboard Creations at (016) 455-4913/16 as we will be happy to assist with all your DIY kitchen cupboards in the Vaal Triangle needs.
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