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How to install kitchen cabinets – DIY

Are you not quite sure where to start with your DIY kitchen cabinet installation? Use these professional techniques when installing kitchen cupboards in your home for accurate results and a professional finish.

  1. Plan your layout: Measure the space where you want to install cabinets in, and plan the layout you need for different cabinets and drawers. Take your layout plan to Webb Cupboard Creations, and talk to a professional consultant about your options, designs and styles you require.
  2. Collect all your tools: You will need a few basic tools to complete the job – ask the Webb Cupboard Creations consultant for a list of what you will need.
  3. Make your measurements: Draw a level line (the height of your cabinet) on the wall. Draw vertical lines to mark each cabinet location, label each cabinet’s position on the wall and find and mark the studs. You can also test fit the base units of the kitchen cupboards to make sure your measurements are correct.
  4. Installation: Fit and install you first kitchen cabinet base unit – Shim the base cabinet until the unit top is even with the horizontal line on the wall and then level and shim the cabinet front to back.
  5. Complete the floor level: Follow this procedure until you have installed all the floor level base units of your kitchen cabinets, by shimming clamping the units together to ensure they are level. Add filler strips wherever the DIY kitchen cabinets do not meet the wall, and make sure you leave the correct gap sizes for appliances. Also remember to cut holes and openings for plumbing and water supply lines etc.
  6. Upper level: Once you have finished the floor level of your DIY kitchen cupboard project, continue with installing the top level. Use a cabinet support jack (also known as a T-JAC) to support cabinets while being fixed to the wall. This will assist you to hold the kitchen cabinets in place while fastening.
  7. Fasten doors and trims: Finish off your DIY kitchen cupboard renovation project by fastening your doors.

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 How to install kitchen cabinets – DIY

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