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Are you looking for a kitchen cupboard manufacturer in the Gauteng region that offers quality products, affordable prices and professional service? Let Webb Cupboard Creations assist. Webb Cupboard Creations is a leading manufacturer and supplier of kitchen cupboards, providing our customers with the best quality kitchen cupboards, cabinets and wrap doors for easy do-it-yourself installation. Installing new kitchen cupboards has never been so easy! Whether you are renovating your kitchen, or simply in need of new kitchen cupboards for your home, our range of DIY kitchen cupboards is ideal for you.

Choose a trusted manufacturer of kitchen cupboards, like Webb Cupboard Creations, to ensure that you get quality products at affordable prices. Many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying kitchen cupboards, allows us to provide a satisfying service and quality products to our customers. Let our professional team assist you to select the best kitchen cupboards for your home.

Super white melamine faced board, flat packed, versatile and ready to assemble

Melamine Colors



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Assemble your DIY kitchen with our range of ready to assemble cupboard units:
1. Base units
2. Wall units
3. Extended wall units
4. Grocery units

Webb Cupboard Creations DIY Kitchen Cupboards

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    Let the leading kitchen cupboard manufacturers assist to install your new kitchen

    There are a few things to consider before simply purchasing your new kitchen cupboards from a kitchen cupboard manufacturer. It is important to measure the area you would like to install kitchen cupboards in, to determine how much space you have available. There are also different types of storage units, cupboards and drawers available – determine your storage needs in terms of grocery and storage space needed, drawer cabinets etc. A consultant at Webb Cupboard Creations will be able to assist in this regard, as they possess extensive experience in kitchen design.

    Webb Cupboard Creations offers a wide range of kitchen cupboards to choose from:

    • White melamine backing / carcass: The white backing of your DIY kitchen cupboards are manufactured from top quality melamine, according to high standards to ensure strong and durable products. Choose from a selection of base units, wall units, grocery units, corner units and more. Kitchen carcasses are flat packed and ready to be assembled and installed.
    • Wrap doors: Choose a wrap door colour, design and style to fit the theme you want to implement in your kitchen. There are so many colours and finishes to choose from, you are sure to find a wrap door that fits what you have in mind perfectly.

    Contact the leading kitchen cupboard manufacturers for your kitchen cupboard products and installation needs

    Let Webb Cupboard Creations, leading DIY kitchen cupboard manufacturers in the Vaal Triangle and Gauteng, provide you with quality kitchen cupboard products and a professional service. Get a competitive quote today to install the kitchen you have always dreamed of!

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