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Kitchen Cupboards – Easy to Install from Webb Cupboard Creations

We just love how women can get so excited when they hear the words “kitchen renovations”… At Webb Cupboard Creations, we don’t blame them at all, as we too go crazy over our range of kitchen cupboards and kitchen units. If your kitchen is in need of a makeover, you’re in the right place! We are proud of our range of kitchen cupboards, kitchen units and wrap doors. One of the reasons why, is because we’ve made it so easy for you to install yourself.

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Super white melamine faced board, flat packed, versatile and ready to assemble

Melamine Colors

kitchen cupboards

Assemble your DIY kitchen with our range of ready to assemble cupboard units:
1. Base units
2. Wall units
3. Extended wall units
4. Grocery units

Webb Cupboard Creations DIY Kitchen Cupboards

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    Easy to install kitchen cupboards for you kitchen makeover

    Choose your kitchen furniture in only a few easy steps. It is advisable to measure the spaces in your kitchen allowing for wall units, drawer units and cupboards.

    Cupboard backing: Our DIY kitchen cupboards’ backing comes in white melamine, and will be your first choice when opting for our DIY kitchen furniture range. Choose your style and size, as per your needs to fit into your kitchen.

    For Ready-made Kitchen Cupboards, contact Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark

    This also includes corner units and grocery units for your kitchen. When receiving your backing, all the assembly hardware and feet will be included with your white backer. After you’ve selected your backer specs, you can choose your wrap doors and drawers from different colour and styles available.

    Wrap doors: A wide range of side panels and door colours are available from Webb Cupboard Creations. Your options are limitless when it comes to colour – choose from lighter colours such as White Ash, Ivory White, Seringa or Striped Balsa, or go for something more prominent like Rosewood, Red or Pecan. These are only a few of the colour on offer, and you will surely find one that suits your kitchen theme.

    Installing DIY kitchen cupboards makes the kitchen renovation much more affordable as a whole – saving you costs. But if you are not up to doing it yourself, installations of your kitchen cupboards are done on request at an affordable price.

    Quality Kitchen Cupboards

    In order to avoid disastrous kitchen renovation results, it is always best to purchase your kitchen furniture and cupboards form a reliable supplier of high quality products. As kitchen cupboards are installed in a high traffic and highly utilised zone in your home, it is essential that the products you buy are manufactured from strong material to ensure durability. No one wants to see their kitchen cupboards looking worn out within a few months of installation…

    Webb Cupboard Creations – Top DIY Kitchen Cupboard Supplier

    Contact us today to receive professional advice on your kitchen makeover and information about our range of kitchen cupboards and units. Your kitchen units will be delivered within 6 days from ordering – so get your new kitchen furniture today!

    Call Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark today on 081 589 5584 for deliveries of ready made kitchen cupboards, ready for you to assemble. Do it yourself!

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