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Tips to install diy kitchen cupboards

Installing DIY kitchen cupboards is easier than you may think! The modular and ready-to-install kitchen cabinets from Webb Cupboard Creations will only require a few basic carpentry skills and tools. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when installing DIY kitchen cupboards from Webb Cupboard Creations.

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Ask a friend or worker for assistance. An extra hand will make the task of installing DIY kitchen cupboards easier and more efficient. You will need someone to hold the cabinets, assist with measurements etc.
Prepare the area you are going to install DIY kitchen cupboards in, as well as all the tools and equipment you will need.
Plan your layout before buying your DIY kitchen cupboards, to ensure that you buy the right size for your requirements. Webb Cupboard Creations will advise you on the best choice of cabinets for your kitchen needs.
Ensure that all the parts and components have been received as indicated before you start the installation project for your DIY kitchen cupboards.
Use a cabinet support jack (also known as a T-JAC) to support cabinets while being fixed to the wall. This will assist whoever is holding the kitchen cabinets in place.
If you’re installing any corner units, start by installing them first and work your way from there.
It is advised to hang the top kitchen cupboards first so that the lower cabinets won’t be in the way during installation.
Mark your wall: Start by marking the wall with the correct measurements, and ensure all horizontal lines are level.
Removing all the drawers and doors of the DIY kitchen cupboards will make the task of installing your cabinets much easier.
Make use of a ledger board fixed to the wall. This will assist to keep your cabinets in place, making the job much easier.
When cutting holes for drainpipes and waterlines, cut the holes bigger than the actual needed size. This will make it easier to slide your DIY kitchen cupboards into place, leaving enough space for adjustment of the cabinet.

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