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DIY kitchen renovation projects are becoming increasingly popular. With today’s tough economic situation, not all home owners can affords to simply contract a building / construction company for a complete kitchen overhaul. Luckily, there are cheaper and more affordable ways to get around your kitchen renovation project – the do-it-yourself way. Before you decide that you are not a carpenter and do not have the specialised skills to install your own DIY kitchen cupboards, hear us out. DIY Kitchen Cupboards from Webb Cupboard Creations in Vanderbijlpark are assembled and ready to install. These DIY kitchen cupboards are much easier to install than you would think, and come with easy to read instructions as well as technical support from our knowledgeable team at Webb Cupboard Creations.

Read more below about some top tips regarding DIY kitchen cupboards and renovations, or contact our store today to order you new DIY kitchen design. Browse through our many design examples in store to see what will fit your kitchen requirements.

Top Tips for DIY Kitchen Renovation

Top Tips for DIY Kitchen Renovation – Webb Cupboard Creations

  • Set the right mood with lights: The lighting of your kitchen plays a big role in the atmosphere of your kitchen. A modern kitchen might benefit more from a cool white light in a modern light fitting, while a rustic kitchen atmosphere might require a warmer lighting option. There are many light fixtures to choose from that will add a certain feel to your kitchen. Find a light fixture that will complement the colour and furnishings of your kitchen.
  • Quick paint job: You will notice that there usually isn’t a lot of wall space in kitchens, as kitchen cabinets and shelving take up most of the wall space in any kitchen. A small amount of paint will thus go a long way. A quick paint job is ideal to add a splash of colour, create some contrasting walls or even for a kitchen focal point. Painting is also an easy DIY project, which will same you on labour costs when choosing to do it yourself.
  • DIY kitchen cupboards: A large percentage of a kitchen renovation cost goes towards kitchen cupboards. You can save a lot of cash if you choose to go the DIY route. Webb Cupboard Creations has made it easy for homeowners to install beautiful DIY kitchen cupboards at a much reduced price than getting a building / renovation company to do the job. DIY kitchen cupboards from Webb Cupboard Creations will look just as professional and beautiful, and you have the benefit of designing your own kitchen cupboard layout according to your needs. Draw up a layout of your kitchen cupboard and cabinet design, and our professional team will cut and supply accordingly. An even bigger benefit is that you are able to choose from an array of different colours and finishes when it comes to the wrap doors of your kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Browse through our samples in store to see which cabinets, wrap doors and tops will fit your kitchen theme and needs.
  • Splash tiles: Some beautiful tiles can add a great touch to your kitchen decor and design. Mosaic tiles can be quite pricy, but there are cheaper ranges available and your only need a small batch for behind the stove or kitchen basin for example.
  • Mix the old with the new: While you’re in the mood to renovate, why not refurbish some old furniture for your kitchen, to make them look brand new again. Depending on your decor, you can white wash wooden cabinets and chairs, and even re-spray you dishwasher to look new again.

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