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No matter what design or style you have in mind, Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark will have what you need.

We also do installations.

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    Full Wrapped Doors and Colours

    Wrap doors are high quality doors manufactured from medium density fibre board (MDF or commonly known as Supawood), vacuum bonded with PVC foil in various colors and textures. This provides a continuous, impervious coating that is hygienic, long lasting and easy to clean. The MDF panel has been cut, routed and profiled as desired and provides a door for everyone’s taste.

    Advantages & Features 

    A wrap door can be designed to a number of profiles, from simple flat doors to doors with more traditional routed patterns. The foil comes in a large range of colors including solid and wood grain colors and the finish can be smooth, textured or even gloss.


    Excessive heat can melt the glue that fused the foil to the MDF and cause it to peel off. Heat can also cause surface blistering and discoloration.

    The proper care for upper cabinet wrapped doors is to always be mindful of various heat sources. Don’t put deep fryers, toaster ovens or large coffee pots directly underneath your kitchen cabinet upper doors.

    It can be difficult to match colors for a replacement door. Sometimes there’s a shade difference in foil colors manufactured within a year of each other.


    Wrap doors are durable and medium maintenance. Don’t use harsh cleaners at all, doing so may actually damage the door. Methylated spirits can be used to wipe off stubborn stains or marks. Webb Cupboard consultants will advice you more.

    Webb Cupboard guarantees to use the highest quality Wrap Door, made from A-Grade supawood and foils.

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    Wrap Door Colours

    Agapanthas Blue

    Brushed Alluminium

    Alluminium Matrix

    Alluminium Swirl

    Lunar Ash



    Novalam Beech

    Pink Beech

    White Beech

    Biscuit PUC

    Black Angel Dust

    Deep Black Embossed

    Black Matrix

    Black PUC

    Black Wood Grain

    Blue Fiddleback


    Bronze Whirl

    Buche Natural




    Canyon Esperanzo




    African Cherry

    Cambridge Cherry

    Cherry Royale


    Harvard Cherry

    Natural Cherry

    New Black Cherry

    New Black Cherry 2

    New Cherry Royale

    Tidy Cherry

    Winsor Cherry

    Classic Pear

    Classic White DE




    Fog Grey

    Folkstone Grey Satin

    Folkstone Grey

    Forest Green



    Black HG

    Burgandy HG

    Cappucino HG

    Charcoal Grey HG

    Cream HG

    Coimbra HG

    Espresso HG

    Folkstone Grey HG

    Iceberg White HG


    Light Grey HG

    Purple HG

    Red HG

    Vienna Maple HG

    Silver Wood HG

    White HG

    Indian Ebony

    Iceberg White

    Laracina DE


    Black Linear

    Cappucino Linear

    Classic White Linear

    Folkstone Grey Linear

    Vermont Slate Linear

    New Combria Linear

    Verzasca Oak Linear

    Burgandy Mahogany DE

    Burgandy Mahogany WG

    Royal Mahogany

    Maiden Wood

    Burgandy Mahogany

    Fusion Maple

    Maple Gold


    Tansau Maple

    Vienna Maple

    Mara Plum

    Medium Cream DE

    Metallic Khaki

    Mocca PUC




    New Corimba

    Nordic Ice Silhouette

    Nordic Ice


    Nova W

    Black Oak

    Bordeax Oak

    Boston Oak

    Cadbury Oak

    Burnt Oak

    Lanza Oak

    Field Oak

    Natural Oak

    Monument Oak

    Washed Shale Oak

    Versasca Oak

    Venza Oak

    Turin Oak

    Summer Oak

    Serengeti Oak

    Old Silver


    Pearl Essence Whirl

    Pearl WG

    Pearl Woodgrain


    Pink Fiddleback

    Red Alder

    Red Angel Dust


    Rose Wood

    Royal Birch

    Sahara Silhouette

    Seringa WG




    Silver Acacia

    Silver Angel Dust

    Silver PUC

    Sky Angel Dust

    Smoked Cedar

    Snow White Smooth

    Storm Grey

    Storm Grey

    Striped Balsa

    Super White Satin

    Super White

    Valentino Oak

    Veralinga Wolf Grey

    Verzasca Oak

    Violet Angel Dust

    Amati Walnut

    Brown Walnut

    Cinera Walnut

    Enya Walnut

    New American Walnut

    Peruvian Walnut

    Roman Walnut

    Wisconsin Walnut

    Bronze Wave

    Burgunday Wave

    Pearl Essence Wave

    White Wave

    Mozam Wenge

    Striped Wenge

    White Ivory Satin

    White Ivory WG

    White Ivory

    White Matrix

    White Pearl DE

    White Pearl Essence

    White Petal

    White Satin

    White Woodgrain

    White Apple

    Wrap Doors Supplier in Gauteng – Webb Cupboard Creations

    If you are looking for new wrap doors for your kitchen cupboards or other built-in cupboard needs, visit Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark. Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark is a leading supplier of wrap doors in Gauteng, supplying a wide range of wrap doors in a variety of colours and designs. You are sure to find a wrap door that fits what you had in mind for your kitchen at Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark. Our experienced team will assist you to find the best wrap doors that fit your needs as well as your budget.

    Contact Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark today for a quote on the wrap doors you desire. We service the Johannesburg, Pretoria, Vaal Triangle and surrounding Gauteng areas with high quality wrap doors at affordable prices.

    Quality and durability – Best wrap doors in Gauteng

    If you are seeking a product that is made from high quality material, and is extremely durable, you will find what you need at Webb Cupboard Creations. We offer a range of top quality wrap doors in Gauteng, that are manufactured according to stringent quality control measures to ensure satisfying products for our clients.

    Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark has been in the DIY kitchen cupboards industry for many years. We supply only the best quality wrap doors to our clients, assisting to make their DIY kitchen renovation project a success. We also aim to offer competitive industry prices, ensuring that our clients get the best quality at affordable prices.

    Wrap door colours – Extensive range of colours available

    Looking for a specific colour for the wrap doors of your kitchen? No problem! Browse through our extensive catalogue of available colours on our website, or visit Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark today to see samples of the colours. You will find every colour you can dream of within our beautiful range of wrap doors. From cool and modern whites, to rich warm brows, to the darkest blacks. All equally beautiful and high quality. Talk to a consultant at Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark today for more information about the wrap door colours available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Vaal Triangle or other Gauteng area.

    Wrap door designs – Beautiful designs and styles available

    No matter what design or style you have in mind, Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark (Vaal) will have what you need. From classic to colonial, and modern to farmstyle, we have a design that fits every kitchen style. Combine your favourite design with the colour you desire, and you will have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of in no time.

    Visit Webb Cupboard Creations Vanderbijlpark today to see our beautiful selection of wrap doors. We are a leading supplier of wrap doors and DIY kitchen cupboards in the Vaal Triangle, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Talk to a consultant today about your DIY kitchen cupboard needs, and to get a quote for the wrap doors you desire for your kitchen.

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